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Wiktor Piątkowski

“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.” (Orson Welles)
I created and co-wrote HBO’s first original series in Poland – Wataha (broadcast in HBO Europe’s 16 territories as The Pack and on Channel 4 in the UK as The Border; distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises). Over the last 8 years, I have worked as showrunner, head writer and writer on various shows (crime series, soap operas, scripted reality – more than 100 hours of television produced). From 2014 to 2015 I lived in Germany, and since then I’ve divided my time between Berlin and Warsaw. Since 2015 I’ve worked for companies from Germany, Austria, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Croatia and Poland.
At first I studied economics and psychology and then I graduated from the Polish National Film School. I’m an alumnus of “Serial Eyes” (organized by the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin and the London Film School), the European TV Drama Series Lab (organized by the Erich Pommer Institut Berlin and MediaXchange) and Racconti #5 (organized by IDM, Letterbox and Palomar). I am also one of the 2016 Berlinale Talents. I have a PhD in television marketing and run BAHAMA FILMS, an independent production company based in Warsaw.

Wiktor Piątkowski lives in Warsaw but works all over Europe.
His three favorite films/series are: Casablanca | Little Miss Sunshine | The Sopranos.


GLINIARZE (eng. Cops)
Daily police series | Creator and Showrunner
Produktion: Polsat

AMERYKA MARZEŃ (eng. American Dream)
Weekly scripted docu | Co-Creator and Showrunner
Produktion: Polsat

MAŁOLATY (eng. Kids)
Daily scripted docu | Co-Creator and Headwriter
Produktion: Polsat

WATAHA (eng. The Pack or The Border)
Daily series | Co-Creator and Scriptwriter
Produktion: HBO Europe

SŁOIKI (eng. Jars)
Daily scripted docu | Headwriter
Produktion: Polsat

UKRYTA PRAWDA (eng. The Hidden Truth)
Daily scripted docu | Headwriter
Produktion: TVP

SZKOŁA ŻYCIA (eng. The School of Life)
Daily scripted docu | Scriptwriter and Headwriter
Produktion: TVP2

POLAND’S PROMOTIONAL FILM FOR EXPO2008 (international exposition in Saragossa, Spain)
Short Movie | Creator and Co-Writer

In Entwicklung

staff writer (showrunner – James V. Hart)
Supernatural thriller series
Produktion: Palomar, Italy

co-creator with Jana Burbach
Comedy-crime series
Produktion: Satel Film, Austria

Period drama series
Produktion: Good Friends, Germany